ZKteco MultiBio Thai02

      This is the 2-in-1 scanner; face and finger print. The machine is a standalone system, 2.8” display with infrared built-in. It can be used even there’s not much lighting as the camera can record both face and finger print. The button is hard and used for entering code. Its reader is crystal, Algorithm 10.0, which is very strong and durable and linked to TCP / IP and USB Flash Drive so that you can transfer the data easily. Its design is suitable for use in the workplace such as office, bank, or factory and there can be used for ID card too.

Highlight Feature :

 ● Record data 100,000 transactions
 ● Facial scan 400 faces
 ● Finger print 1,000 fingers
 ● Dual cameras, high efficiency
 ● Facial auto focus
 ● Sound alert and LED prompt display, best recommendation from users
 ● Full color 8” display (CMYK) with time record function, T9 input and 9 digits user’s password
 ● Data transfer through USB Flash Drive, TCP / IP
 ● Sound alert, RTC, and ring tone for 10 groups that highly recommended for managing the time
 ● Operating system, Platform CPU with the speed of 1 GHz and operate each individual less than 1 second
 ● Infrared built-in for a better scan under insufficient light.
 ● With firmware platform, it effectively makes Thai02 for multi-purposes.
 ● 8” color display
 ● Standard functions; Work Code, SMS, DTS, Scheduled-bell, Self-service query, Automatic status switch, T9 input, Photo ID, Camera
 ● Additional functions; ID Card / MIFARE cards
 ● Software ZK Time5.0
 ● Adapter, DC 5V 0.8A
 ● Operating system less than 5 seconds
 ● Heat upon using 0 °C – 45 °C
 ● Humidity upon using 20%-80%
 ● Size L 5 x W 148.8 x H 32.2
 ● Weight 380 grams.