New Customer for March 2018, Phudhaprapa Painting & Holding Co., Ltd. 

       Welcome our new customer, Phudhaprapa Painting & Holding! It operates painting business both interior and exterior nationwide, for examples, paintings for factory, home, building. ThaiSoftware Enterprise and our distributor, A.S.C. Software Service have set the system for the customer and linked the system to scanner to record time attendance, summary working day, leave day, late day and overtime and more importantly, every step can be audited, which help the customer to easily manage and store their files.
       ☆ Prevent from corruption
       ☆ Analytical Report
       ☆ Reduce cost from HR works
       ☆ Up-to-date for digital trend
       ☆ Happy Work Force  
       ☆ Save cost over a hundred thousand per