Cloud Technology System is more safe

   Cloud Technology System is the computer system that shares resources in hardware and software or any services on internet network, in which we can use through web browser or any automatic program that linked between cloud technology and your computer.
   Cloud Computing is not something new. It has been used for very long but with the limitation of the internet user such as web based e-mail (Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.). Later, it’s been widely used as community network or social network (YouTube, Facebook, Google Application). These online application is the Cloud Computing system that you can access your data from everywhere at any time on every device but the cloud computing that you’re using is free unless you’d like to add more features and that you have to pay for these online applications. These applications are variety and limitless, therefore, Cloud Computing expands and personalize for individual or organization no matter it is a small or large organization. With this concept, Cloud Computing is now widely used.