GENiUS Payslip Onine

        It’s the system developed to support accounting system, GENiUS PR. It’s a 100% perfect internet based application, and Cloud Computing support, suitable for human resources department. It can help reducing the cost and increase productivity or organization as it is no need to print out payslip and give it to employee. They can receive the payslip by e-mail and they can easily look for payslip from everywhere at any time through smart phone, tablet or computer and also check payslip history and print immediately.

Highlight Feature :

   1. Management satisfies with the result of every investment as followings;
Operating system in term of paper handling and toner or cartridge as we print only necessary. Notice to employee through website, review report, summary of income tax and tax of employee, according to organizational structure from everywhere at any time in order to plan for future financial.
Confident in the safety of personal income because employee cannot see others’ or unauthorized person cannot see.
       ● Cost and expense control effectively.
Can be used on smart phone, Tablet and computer.
             – Minimum fee for space on internet.
             – No need to invest over a hundred thousand Baht on computer server.
             – No license fee for the software over a hundred thousand Baht.
       ● Manage human resources effectively and result in productivity by reducing work load from human resources department.
       ● Build a good image of your business.
   2. Provide conveniences to general employee whenever they want to see the payslip as they can see via e-mail from everywhere and check the history as well as print the payslip immediately.
   3. Line Manager can look the summary income report, expenses report, and tax of the department that they’re responsible for and manage future financial as well as check the payment history of their subordinates from everywhere at any time.
   4. Save the time for human resources department, save resources such as paper for printing, and summarize the payment report for employee’s salary very easily, precisely and fast.
   5. No IT Technician support required as there is no any software installation on computer because it can be used over the internet.