GENiUS-TA for Factory

       GENiUS-TA for Windows is the system developed to support account program or GENiUS-PR for Windows, which is compatible for office employee and factory employee who works in shift.
This time attendance is the system that effectively help the working time record for employee who works in shift or office employee and it can calculate normal working hours and working over-time-hour, number of working days, leave days, holidays and working late by scanning from the clock-in/clock-out card, and automatically use these calculations to summarize for wage. When it comes to the cut off day, the information will be transferred to payroll system in order to further calculate on income tax. From now on, the problem or trouble in time attendance will be lesser.

General Feature :

  ● It’s a real-batch processing, which means it will record the attendance daily from the scan card or from the recoding time attendance program.
  ● It has to be used together with GENiUS-PR for Windows, which means it cannot use the system alone.
  ● It can be used as a single user from a different computer or a multiple user on LAN in which many computers are linked and shared the same data.
  ● Easy to use, step by step and if there’s anything goes wrong, you can simply go back and edit.
  ● The Error Message will pop up whenever there’s any error and easy to understand your type of error.
  ● Can set the authorization level for each user depending on their scope of work, for examples, some can only read and unable to edit, or some can save and edit. This feature will make the system more safe and confidential.
  ● There is password for each user which is more private and confidential.
  ● Year can be set in BE or AD.
  ● There are many printing options. Some reports can view on screen just like printer, easy to use to check the report.
  ● The system can work with information from different company or many sets of report from the same system and password can also be assigned for each company to make the data more safe and confidential.
  ● There is the Online Help in brief to explain how to use.
  ● Focus on the complete reports used for management as well as operation level.

Functions for time attendance system :

   1. Data in is in the form of text file which is from scan card.
2. It can be used with any types of scan cards and any brands that record data in the form of text file.
3. Can choose the data from the fields of the text file.
4. Time In/Time Out will be calculated automatically according to the shift.
5. It can be used with one group of employee or many groups of employee or employee from different companies that use the same scan card machine such as a company group.
6.Employee can temporary change their shift.
7. Leave can be created 20 different more apart from existing leave that the system has. These leave, you can also set whether or not it is a paid leave or leave without pay.
8. Leave can be recorded in a period of time, or leave by hour, leave by day or leave many days consecutively.
9. The system can round up the working time.
10. The system can set up to 8 different periods or  16 times per standard shift which means 2 periods of standard working hours and 6 periods of over-time-hours
11. Time attendance can be recorded over the night but no later than 24 hours.
12. It can keep employee’s record for the whole year.
13. Data can be adjusted before transferring to payroll system.
14. There is a perfect standard report and the user doesn’t have to create any forms such as gross data report from time recording machine.
            ● Time In/Time Out Report with Over Time Pay
            ● Shift/Schedule Report
            ● Leave Report
            ● Working Calendar and Holidays Report
            ● Standard Shift Report
            ● Working Day Presence Report
            ● Shift Allowance Pay Report

System limitation for time attendance system :

    ● Each shift can record over the night but no later than 24 hours.
    ● Each shift can set period of scanning up to 16 times or 8 different periods. (2 different normal times, and 6 different periods for over-time pay.)
    ● Leave type can be set up to 20 leaves.
    ● As for over-time pay, it can be set to round up up to 20 different items.
    ● The system is automatically set 8 standard leaves such as normal working day, working late, off duty before time, on leave, sick leave, personal leave, annual leave, maternity leave, and ordination leave.
    ● For normal days, leave and over-time is accumulated per month and per year up to 999 times and for the month & year total are up to 999.99 days.
    ● The system is also accumulated working day and leave of employee in payroll system.
    ● The system will record accumulated data only the present time.

Hardware & Software required :

    ● GENiUS-PR for Windows
    ● GENiUS-TA for Windows which has to use together with GENiUS-PR for Windows.
    ● GENiUS-TA for Windows
    ● Scan Card Machine, it can be any types or any brands but one condition that the machine must have text file features which are day, month, year, hour, minute, and employee ID. None of them cannot be missed.
    ● Card reader machine must have a signal driver as a transcriber.
    ● Employee ID card can be barcode, magnetic stripe, or finger print depending on customer’s perferance.

Hardware Requirements :

    ● Computer PC, Pentium 166 MHz or later.
    ● Operating system, Windows 95, 98, ME, XP, 2000
    ● LAN Network on operating system WindowsNT, Netware, and etc.
    ● RAM 32 MB, but recommend 64 MB
    ● Storage disk approximately 160 MB
    ● Laser printer, any brands
    ● Hard Lock GENiUS can only be used 1 on 1, in case of using on LAN network or Workgroup. License need to be added aligned with number of computer.