GENiUS HRM 4 in 1

General Feature :

     4 in 1 is the best all-in-one management system, worth, complete, and proficient to manage human resources in organization, including payroll, time attendance and it can develop the quality works for organization.

Highlight :

     Language option, English and Thai, easy to use. No user limit. Suitable for small to large organization.

Functions for 4 in 1, all-in-one human resources management system :

1. Payroll System
2. Human Resources System
● Recruit System
● Personnel System
● Training System
3. Time Recorder System and Time Attendance System for factory
4. Security Management System

Target Audience :

       It’s suitable for every business such as Computer, Entertainment, Hospital, Printing, International Offices, Hotel Life Insurance, General Office, Department Store, Industry-Factory, and etc.

Services and Conditions for Training :

     ● Training : two-days training for one time, in which the company will have specialist to conduct training at customer’s convenience. (Customers in the provinces are exclusive for transportation and hotel expenses.)
      1 year warranty : Software maintenance service such as…
      Program upgrade
      The warranty coverage for original CD in the case of damage, virus infected or lost.
      Customer Support through phone call by specialist from distributors nationwide and another support team directly from the company.

Remark: the following year, the annual maintenance cost is 20%

Business Process :

● Installation and training : 1-2 days
Usage : customer can use the actual system after training within 14 days depending on customer’s readiness.
● Follow up : follow up can after training within 7 days
● Evaluation after using : submit customer’s satisfaction within 30 days.

Voice of Customers :

● Company Limited that prints essential and important reports such as
– Reports submitted to Revenue Departments, for examples, PND1, PND1K, PND91, Section 50.
– Reports submitted to Social Security Office, for examples, SPS1-10, SPS1-03, SPS6-09, and Section 47, Provident Fund.
– Reports submitted to Labor Departments, for example, annual employment registration

Electronic Banking Service
● Payslip Form
Preferable for Time Attendance automatically matching for time-in and time-out, which employee doesn’t have to clock in with ID card nor computer screen.
Operating system is easy to use and it can be viewing, editing working hours, over time pay and income.
Operating system can record training history, salary increment history, position promotion, and etc.
No limit for number of employees to support company’s growth.
Easy to use as the screen is classified in categories.
All reports are able to export data into MS Excel.
● 100% accuracy for tax calculation.