GENiUS Payroll Project for SMEs to enhance effectiveness in HRM (Free trial for 1 year with unlimited users)


1. To encourage SMEs both in production industry and service industry by using information technology to enhance its business in managing their human resources with international standard.
2. To reduce the cost of human resources management in term of manpower and documents handling.
3. To promote SMEs to build and develop its foundation of business by using innovative technology and focusing on human resources management through this latest technology.

Target Audience that benefits from this project

SMEs that operate their businesses as followings; 
 Production Industry: Food, Garment & Fabric, Machinery, Automobile & parts, Furniture, Leather & Leather Goods, etc.
Service Industry: Hotel & Restaurant, Tourism, Health & Spa, Social Service.
 Retail Industry: All types of retail businesses.
 Wholesale Industry: Franchise business, etc.


1. To enroll this project, fill in the application form (Form 1), and send the application to the company.
2. To consider and select, our committee will review and inform the result within 3 business days.
3. To announce the result, those who are qualified will have to reserve the training by filling in the onsite training reservation & software installation form (Form 2). (Onsite Training) (Form 2)”
4. Onsite training & software installation service fee.


Training & Installation Fee

Traveling & Hotel Fee

Bangkok (only)

2,500 Baht

Bangkok Metropolitan

3,500 Baht

500 Baht

Provices 5,000 Baht

Actual Rate

Remark :   • Training & Installation Fee is 7% exclusive

            • Training & installation period is one day, 4-6 hours.

5. On training date, you will get a software program, GENiUS Payroll, to use for 1 year. Free of charge.
6. After Sales Service will be provided for 3 months after using the software.
7. The project starts from today until 31th of December 2019.

Qualifications & Criteria

1. SMEs from these industries; Production, Service, Retail and Wholesale
2. Number of employees are not over 200 people and its registered capital is not over 200 Millions Baht.
3. Top Management and Management are driven with commitment to develop and elevate its organizational management and willing to support training and execute with result oriented.
4. The business is ready to develop in term of human resources that its manager, supervisor or officer are ready to be in charge of the work./span>

Consideration Process

• Applicants will be reviewed, considered and approved based on their application forms.


1. To enhance the effectiveness in managing human resources such as saving time and reducing costs of operation.
2. To have a very systematic human resources management system certified by international standard and be able to plan on wages effectively.
3. To have tool that files employee’s information, training, and others so that you can plan and develop manpower.
4. To operate business professionally with international standard.
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