GENiUS Leave Online

     It’s the system that developed to support accounting system, salary (GENiUS PR) and time attendance (GENiUS TA). It’s a web application based that is a 100% perfectly compatible with Cloud Computing System. To make it truly suitable for user’s convenience to reduce cost and increase productivity for permanent employee and employee who works at site.
    The system is compatible for online leave application in which employee can request leave online by filling in the online form and send to management to approve. It has the e-mail alert upon approval. And you can check your leave that entitled for as well as your team’s.
     1. Reduce the use of paper for green environment. Switch to online leave form.
2. Check your leave statistic and remaining leave by yourself and reduce work load from HR department.
3. Can attach doctor’s certificate or other document.
4. Can create leave that entitled for and type of leave.
5. Compatible for double authorization levels upon approval.
6. Overall report, statistic report for management and can check history and update.
7. Get the latest information immediately and conveniently in case there are many people on leave at the same time.

Registration for a free trial !!! valid until 31th October 2019