Accounting System, General Ledger : GENiUS GL

          This is the 100% perfect accounting system in Thai language on Windows. Besides, it can control and monitor the correctness of accounting but also easy to use with beautiful icon that’s friendly for your eyes. The color on screen is soft and never get bored from using. It has multimedia and utility that helps such as calculator, backup system with two sub-menus as followings;

General Ledger :it supports general business. GENiUS Business Accounting deeply control sales beginning from purchasing, account receivable, account payment, purchase order, delivery note and inventory system.

Security Control :it has a security control for accounting system to make the data more protective.


           It’s the system that record transactions and show financial result upon recording. It can check the total amount of debit and credit and record each transaction according to daily book keeping such as, cash receipt, general book keeping, and help reducing steps and errors so that profit & loss report will be effective, fast, precise and on time. Moreover, it has an analytical financial report for management to make the decision for the business and plan for the future.

Special Feature :

● Support for general sales business (purchasing and selling), service business and production business.
● Support for group of company’s accounting.
● Support for tax calculation both cash basis and accrual basis.
● Support for inventory checking both perpetual and periotic.
● Can set the calendar year in AD or BE.
● Processing options are batch, which means keeping record and proceed later or online, which means a real-time record upon adjusting and saving.
● Error message notification is meaningful and understandable.
● Password for user for highest security.
● On-Line Help to explain how to use in brief.
● Can set number of financial budget 1-12 periods a year.
● Keep record every period, no number of years limit.
● Save, edit, delete, daily transaction at all times.
● Can change the previous accounting code fast and easy.
● Can retrieve the daily transactions to edit or adjust or delete without cancellation the old record. System will automatically operate.
● Depreciation cost calculation is automatically a straight line method.
● User can set accounting code where appropriate.
● Accounting code length is 10 characters and can be saved unlimited.
● Accounting sub-code, department code, can be set in 4 divisions, maximum length is 15 characters and can be saved unlimited.
● Book keeping code’s length is 2 characters, and can be saved unlimited.
● Daily transactions can be recorded 9 millions transactions per accounting period.
● In each daily transaction, debit and credit can be recorded 500 transactions.
● Entry can be recorded as normal entry or recurring entry.
● In daily transaction can set in 3 different types; digits, percentage or random numbers.
● Set budget according to accounting structure or according sub-code (department code) and record in percentage and Baht.
● Trial Balance can print in the form of 3 and 5 sections.
● Type of accounting report can set by period or accumulated by year, in which you can choose to display the opposite account or explain transaction.
● Financial Statement reports such as cost of production statement, cost of goods sold, profit & loss statement, balance sheet, which can be shown by period or by year and compare period-to-period or year-to-year according to our requirement.
● There is a Report Generator for Trial Balance for user to set the report they want such as enumerate or summary reports and it can compare up to 6 columns.
● In case of a separate department, Trial Balance can set according to each department and total the amount for all departments too.
● Daily report is according to date, document recording number, booking keeping, purchase tax, sales tax, and etc.
● Reports for management, financial ratio, comparison budget with current data, cash flow statement, and etc.
● Accounting Closing and automatically create daily transaction upon closing.

Oustanding Feature for GL :

● Operating on Windows 95, 98, XP Vista, 7, 8, 10
● Use LAN Network
● Merge files feature to daily record
● GUI operating system, very nice
● Auto calculation for depreciations
● Calculator Application
● Report Generator which you can set your own template
● Export data into text format, MS Excel, and etc.
● Covert data from GL into DOS
● Accuracy for Revenue Department’s Announcement
● QC from specialist
● Security control for authorized user only
● Fast search
● Backup and restore menu
● Edit, adjust and record data all the times