New Customer for April 2018, Chor. Charoen Marketing Co., Ltd.

     Chor. Charoen Marketing is one of companies from Chon Charoen Group, established on 2nd of June 1986, located in Bangkok. Its business is to export cassava with the capital registered of 3 Millions Baht. Its management has been using the new way to manage HR, Payroll and Time Attendance by our system, GENiUS HRM, because they value HR as the key to drive to business success and our system is right to what they need.
     ☆ Prevent from corruption
     ☆ Analytical Report
     ☆ Reduce cost from HR works
     ☆ Up-to-date for digital trend
     ☆ Happy Work Force  
     ☆ Save cost over a hundred thousand per year