After Sales Service

GENiUS HRM Maintenance Agreement

        For those who agree to do software maintenance has his right to receive for service and other privileges from ThaiSoftware Enterprise Co., Ltd. within the warranty period as the followings;

Privileges :

  ● Free of charge
      1. Any consultant from specialist, our distributor, through telephone, fax, e-mail, LINE as such operation hours are from Monday to Friday at 9:00 – 17:00.
      2. Warranty coverage of any damages with original disc, for examples, damages CD, virus infection, user malfunction or transfer license to another computer. 

      3. Upgrade latest software.
      4. Request for a new agreement in case of information adjustment or lost & stolen.
      5. Newsletter from our company on products & services.

  ● Special Discount 
      1. Edit information or adjust the system.
      2. Onsite service.
      3. Training. 
      4. Other orders on any products from ThaiSoftware Enterprise Co., Ltd.
      5. Purchase the Warranty Agreement in advance.
      6. Purchase other system, upgrade.